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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bee Update

Well, Aaron & I checked on the bees today after a week's vacation.  On the approach we could see that there was more activity on the East hive over the West hive, which is a difference over the past many weeks.  Also, the number of bees hanging out on the front porch is less than before.  I'm assuming that since the beginning of June when I removed the sugar water feeders two things are probably happening: (1) the bees are having to forage for food around the area so they are out and about more, and (2) since the removal of the sugar water the Queen is perceiving a drop in honey flow and cutting back on laying eggs to a level that better matches what the workers are bringing into the hive.

Also, when checking the honey super on the West hive, there are bees walking all around on it, but they have not drawn out one single bit of wax comb.  I wonder what is up with that???  They have had that super sitting on top the hive for almost a month!


  1. Hey Larry, I checked my hive the other day with a friend of my wife and I.She had never seen a beehive before so i took off the top and crown board for her and she was AMAZED!!!! They are really starting to work those home-made frames of mine. Next month I am going to take some of the frames out and inspect them.

  2. Larry and I are kicking around starting a bee club. It will be open to everyone interested in bees, or making their plantings bee friendly. If you are Larry Quicksall, on this blog-spot, or contact me Dick Loy @ We welcome ALL who are interested in helping the bees.