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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Queen Installed

Dawn and I were up at 5am, and of course it was rainy outside!  The weather radar showed a brief clear window over the farm, so we raced up there and was able to install the new queen in the West Hive.  We also looked in the East Hive.  Boy, there is a big difference in the number of bees between the two hives.  I'm hoping there is enough workers that will live long enough for the queen to raise her young!  I will check the hive again in a few days to make sure she got out of her cage.

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  1. The weather cleared off this afternoon, so I went out and did an inspection of my hive. There was quite a lot of capped honey so I did what I said I wasnt going to do..... I robbed one frame out of the box. OH, MY GOD!!!! is that stuff ever good. It is a pale gold color, and it has a wonderful taste. Now it is going to be hard for me to keep my hands off of it. One bad thing though, as I was cutting the combs off the frame and puting them in a bowl I noticed a few larvai floating in the honey, SORRY......