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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Renshaw Hive

My long time friend, Anita Renshaw, had a problem with a hive in a backyard tree.  Unfortunately, it had become quite a nuisance and needed to be removed.  Because she wanted to save the tree, the plan was to save as many bees as possible for relocation into other hives and then humanely destroy and seal the existing holes in the tree.  I always hate having to destroy bees, but at times it is a necessity.  Below is a photo of how the bees were bearding on the tree and also a photo of Anita and myself with the bees we were able to save.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Route 32 Cut Out

Today, I woke Dawn up before dawn (no pun intended) to cut out a hive of bees from a large limb cut from a tree just off Route 32 between Shumway and Stewardson.  We eventually had to expose about 8 foot of the hollow chamber to remove the hive of bees.  Unfortunately, the queen was apparently killed along with many other bees when the limb fell.  I ended up combining the bees into my other existing hives.  Below is a photo of Dawn vacuuming bees and another photo showing the original cut into the limb.