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Thursday, July 22, 2010

West Hive Accepts New Queen

Last night Dawn, Jessica, and I went to the farm to check on the new queen which we placed in the West hive on Tuesday.  Upon openning the West hive we found what we were hoping for: an empty queen cage.  The hive has accepted their new queen and she was busy checking out her new home.

Dawn & I also noticed how much calmer the West hive was today compared to recent visits.  I think the new queen brought everything into a "bee balance" and they were least that's my theory!

We also checked the East hive which is in full honey production.  They have had the honey super on top for just 10 days and they are just starting to cap honey.  I was suprised at the weight of the box when I took it off to check the brood chambers.  Jessica also had her first opportunity to taste honey fresh from the hive!  Below are a few photos from tonight.

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