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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Latest Update

While at the farm I checked on the bees.  I couldn't find the pine needles for my smoker, so I went without smoke.  Ya know, everytime I go without smoke I really regret it, not that I get stung, but it is very disturbing to the bees when I don't use smoke.

The West hive has bees in the honey super, but they are not drawing out any comb yet.  That really surprises me since the honey super has been on since June 7th.  I am also please with the East hive in that it is looking strong and filling out the frames with lots of capped brood and honey on the deep frames.  I will check them again on the 4th of July weekend and see if the East hive is ready for the honey super.

Note to self: Remember pine needles!

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  1. It has been one week to the day since Larry and I checked out my bees. That day we also put on another large super with my home-made frames of bare wire. To my great amazement they are moving up and starting to make combs on two of them. they are not perfect seeing they glued those two to the frames in the brood box. Oh well, its a start, like Larry mentioned I will check again on July 4th weekend