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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time for the Honey Super???

Today we (Aaron, Elijah, Dad & I) were up at the farm working on the garden and mowing, so I topped off the feeder bottles with a quart of sugar water each.  While walking around the farm I found myself constantly looking down at the white clover in the yard.  I watched many of "my girls" working the white clover for that wonderful nectar.  I can't tell you how long since I have easily seen bees working the clover - that was fun to watch!  I also found some other bees that were not mine.  They were slightly smaller and darker in color, and the yellow was less intense than my bees.  I think this picture is similar to the ones that I saw.  According to what I found on the Internet, I believe they are Dark European Honey Bees

I am also thinking it might be time to put the honey super on the West hive and pull the feeder.  They seem to have a lot of bees in the hive and hanging around the front porch of the hive.  I don't want them to get too crowded, so I'll probably add the honey super during my next visit to the farm.

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