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Monday, June 7, 2010

West Hive Moves to Honey Production

Tonight, Jessica and I made a trip to the farm to check the bees and make some decisions.  The West hive is packed with bees.  The thousands of capped brood from a week or two ago have emerged and are all over the inside of the hive!  Many are hanging around the front entrance of the hive, and they have drawn comb on nearly every frame.  It is time to move up to honey production for me.  Jessica and I brought out one of the honey supers and a queen excluder and set it on top.  Wow!  Day 51 and we are ready to start honey production!  The East hive still has a long way to go.  We found brood, but not as much as I would expect.  Actually, no where near where the West hive is.  Is it because there have not been enough bees drawing out comb?  Is it because the queen is not a good layer?  I'm not sure.  I probably ought to call Dave at Long Lane Honey Bees and give him an update and inventory of the hive and let him try and make a determination.

Here you can see Jessica stylin' in her bee suit with the West hive.  Note the honey super (3rd box on the top).  Also, the worked ground behind the hive is the second white clover strip that Dad has planted this year for the bees.

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