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Friday, May 6, 2011

Captured Another Swarm!

My wife received a phone call from John Loy who reported that there was a swarm on a bush on the courthouse lawn, and that the Sheriff had OK'ed me getting it if I wanted it....well of course I want it ;-)

This time it was my son Aaron & grandson Elijah who helped me capture the swarm.  It was a good size swarm on the branches of a bush along the sidewalk and near the south entrance to the old courthouse.  Aaron & I were suited up, and Elijah watched from a distance as did a handful of people who came to investigate what we were doing.  We captured nearly all the bees, but we did leave quite a few who insisted on buzzing the area and were convinced that the queen was still somewhere in that bush.  However, the bees who made it in the box were quiet and content, so I'm sure the queen was in the box.  We then raced to the farm and set the hive near the one that Dawn & I captured last night.

After dropping off the hive we raced again to Lake Land College ariving just before the Honor Band concert started where our daughter Jessica was performing on her flute.  She and the other's did great!  Unfortunately, on the way home from the concert I hit a deer on the Interstate and my nice white beekeeper's pick-up truck is likely totaled.  Thankfully, my parents (who were riding with me) and I were not injured...God kept us safe!  So, now I have another mission....capture another pick-up truck so I can capture more bees!!!

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