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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Swarm - WooHoo!!!

There was a little excitement after work today.  I received a phone call from Paul Doedtman, local landlord, who reported that he had a swarm on the balcony of one of his apartment buildings, and if I wanted it I had to beat the exterminator who would be there in 1 hour!  Yikes!  I quickly rushed home, grabbed my stuff, and drove to the apartment.  The exterminator was there already, but he wanted the bees saved as well.  It was an easy-to-get-to swarm requiring only a ladder and my bee vacuum, and in 15 minutes it was all done.  I also met the apartment tennant who knew the Quicksall family from the Stewardson area when she was a young girl in the 1920s & 1930s.  We probably talked longer than it took to capture the bees!  I then took them to the farm and set them up in a hive with a frame of brood I took from the West Hive.  Hopefully, by having brood in their new hive they won't swarm again like the other one did.  Also, I checked on the swarm from the Court House and found that the queen has started laying and she had a nice batch of brood they were raising!  That makes 7 hives including the Starter Hive that I will put grafts into tomorrow!

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