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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dropping Numbers

Aaron & I went up to the farm today to check on the bees.  The East Hive was looking good, so I stuck a Brood Builder pollen patty on top of the frames, stuck in a drone frame, and went to check the other hive.  What I found I didn't like.  A few weeks ago the West Hive was looking strong, but this time they were few in numbers and hadn't eaten much more on the original pollen patty I have them in January.  There were few bees on top and most were in between the frames.  I checked to lower boxes and found nothing except dead bees on the bottom board screen.  I used the mouse guard to rake out many, many dead bees out of the bottom made me sick to see so many dead ones when the other hive is still strong.  I put a Brood Builder patty and stuck in a drone frame, and began the long process of trying to figure out what to do next.  I did make up some 1:1 sugar water and set up a feeder for each hive; I check on them later on in the week.  Aaron and I then went to the wood shop and worked completing ten inner covers and getting all the wood cut out for 15 telescopic covers.  Next time we'll assemble the lids and start on the mating nucs.

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