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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busy as Bees Today

Dad and I spent the day at the farm with our focus on honey bees.  We teamed up on building hive components including bottom boards and telescopic lids.  How I wish I had a right angle bender for the aluminum to cover the lids...things would go a lot faster!  After lunch I suited up and headed out to the hives to rearrange things for spring production.  I dug into the West Hive first, found the queen who was laying eggs and had probably day 3 larva in the comb...I was so excited.  I placed the queen and brood frames in the bottom box, removed the honey super, and got things squared away.  The East Hive also had brood, but I couldn't find the queen.  I moved the brood frames into the bottom box as well....I was really surprised how much honey the East Hive had in the hive!  I need to get up there this week to check on the feeders and maybe set up multiple feeders on top of the inner cover so I don't have to check that often.

Here is the West Hive during Spring Inventory.  I repositioned all the frames for Spring Production.

Here is my West Hive Queen Laying an Egg!!!  Is this cool or what!!!

Here's one of my West Hive bees with a strange growth on her butt.

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