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Friday, August 6, 2010

Honey Harvest!!!

Today I went to the farm and checked the honey super on the East Hive, and they had all but one frame capped off; the other one was mostly capped off but could use a day or two more.  Also, the frame I harvested on Sunday had honeycomb drawn out again and the bees were busy filling it with honey. 

I checked the West hive and the remaining bees still haven't done anything with the honey super, so I did a big rotation.  I took the honey super off of the West hive and removed all but two of the empty frames.  I then pulled the eight capped frames from the  East hive honey super and put them in the empty honey super from the West hive.  I then replaced the East hive with the empty frames from the West hive.  I'm hoping that the East hive will fill out those frames in the remaining days of August.  When September comes I plan on removing both supers and letting the bees have the remaining nectar of the fall for their winter stores.

I rolled into town and stopped by Mom and Dad's house and showed them the honey super.  Mom was really surprised with the amount of honey; it brought back memories from when she was a child and her dad kept bees.  I weighed one of the frames and my guess is that each frame has about 4 pounds of honey on it.  On these eight frames I believe I have approximately 2.5 gallons of honey!

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