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Monday, August 9, 2010

1st Meeting of Crossroads Beekeepers

Tonight we had the first meeting of the Crossroads Beekeepers at Joe Sippers in Effingham.  There were eight of us in attendance, and I can safely say all of us had a great time.  Many fun stories and tidbits of information was shared among the new members.  Those in attendance were myself, Dick and Kim Loy from Effingham, Michele Robertson of Effingham, Danny Rodman of Effingham, Bob and Janet Clark of Edgewood, and Jane Ries of Effingham.

The next meeting will be on Monday, September 13th, from 6:30-8:00pm in the back room at Joe Sippers.  All are invited!


  1. You are doing a very good job Larry. I thought things went well also. Kim had a good time as well, she was interested in the flowers for bees and recipes for honey. See ya at the next meeting!!!

  2. Tonite Kim's aunt and uncle came out to see our bees and the room addition. Kim told her about the bee club and she talked like she might come to the next one. She was interested in the honey recipes.