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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movin' On Up

Tonight I went to the farm with Aaron, Elijah, and Nicolas with several tasks on the agenda including checking on the bees.  It had been 3 days since checking on the bees and each hive had been using the sugar water.  The west hive had used a  little over a quart and the east hive just under a quart.  I filled them both up, and then I decided to peek inside the hives since adding the second deep frame super.  The east hive only had a small number of bees checking it out; they weren't working but just walking around on the frames.  The west hive has hard at work on the second super.  I was tickled to see them starting to build more comb!  My hope is that by the end of May I will be able to add the third medium super so they can start making honey for me!

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