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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dad Takes it on the Nose....

Tonight, the family and I were on the way to camp for the weekend when my dad called from the farm telling me the bees were out of sugar water (I had filled them 2 mornings ago with half gallon each).  I asked Dad to refill them since I was leaving town the other direction, and he agreed.  I gave him the basic instructions and said those fateful words, "The bees are really gentle, so you wouldn't need to suit up for this."

About 30 minutes later I received a phone call from Dad informing me that he refilled the East hive with no problems at all.  However, when he started working with the West hive a few of the bees decided to take a walk on his face and even under his glasses, giving Dad quite a bit of concern and rightfully so.  Pow! Pow! Pow!  Two stings to the nose and one to the chin!  He called from the house where he used a credit card to flick out the stingers and doctor the stings up with baking soda paste.  I felt absolutely horrible, but Dad took it well. 

Later I called him from the campground, and he reported that he finished the West hive after fully suiting up; "They didn't bother me after that."  I'm wondering if Dad may give off a different scent than me.  He also reported having a bee land on him while he was walking around the farm and was far away from the hives; it stayed on his arm while he walked for quite a while before continuing on her necter hunting task.

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