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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Frame Rotation & Adding Another Super

Today, I went to check on the bees and I took my grandson Elijah along.  Their sugar water needed filling, but there was a change this time.  The left hive has always been the one using more sugar water, but this time it was the right hive.  I added 1 quart to the left hive and 2 quarts to the right hive. 

My dad arrived shortly after we arrived at the farm this afternoon, and he joined us in working with the bees.  I was very pleased with their work on the frames.  The both had done a good job filling of the frames with wax comb, sugar water in the curing phase, capped syrup, and plenty of brood.  I decided to rotate the filled frames to the outside and the empty frames to the inside.  I also decided to add a second deep super to each hive.  It is something to see the two story bee hives.  It's is also hard to believe that it has been just 2 weeks since installing the bees.  I feel like I've been to the farm a dozen time filling the feeders with sugar water.

Elijah was suited up for working in the hives and was manning the smoker.  At first he was nervous and stood with my dad for a while, but when I needed more smoke he was right in there helping me.  I was very proud of him today, considering he did not like the bees very much on installation day.

Oh, by the way, I was at the Urbana Free Library and looked at several beekeeping books.  I really, really like the book "Backyard Beekeeping", and I would recommend anyone new the beekeeping to buy it -  lots of color photos!!!  I also liked the "Honey Handbook" by the same author.

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