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Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Have Hives!

Yesterday we picked up our hives at Long Lane Honey Bee Farm.  It was a nice drive out to their farm through the small towns of Philo, Sidney, and Homer (we took the back way - watch out for Barney Fife!).  As we approached their farm we recognized the "long lane" and spotted bee hives scattered along the side of the lane.  It was fun trying to spot any bee activity as we drove up the lane.  The kids immediately spotted chickens walking around outside and had to investigate. 

Dave Burns met us at the door and introduced himself, though I felt as if we had already met after devouring information on beekeeping from his website, blog, videos, and audioblog.  We had a great time talking with David, who makes hives as one of his duties on the farm.  He explained the components to the hives and reinforced what I had learned at the Bee School in Kentucky on March 6th.  After we loaded the hives in the truck and headed out the kids started peppering me with questions about bees; it was fun watching them start to have an interest in these facinating little creatures.

If you would like to check out Long Lane Honey Bee Farm including their free beekeeping lessons, items for sale, training programs, etc., then follow this link: .

You can also check out this link:

Here is a great video of David while checking his hives earlier this month: David Burns checking his hives in early March 2010.

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