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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hive Updates

Just some quick updates on the beeyard.  I went up this evening and decided to check on the three nuc boxes.  The 2 splits were doing great with a good queen cell in nuc.  The Ellis Nuc did not have any queen or queen cells, so I decided to put a frame of eggs in the nuc for them to raise their own.  I dug into the  old East Hive (#4) to find a frame and guess what I found???  A capped queen cell!!!  That hive is bound a determined to swarm!  So, I pulled that frame and the nurse bees and placed them in the Ellis Nuc.  I also pulled out the feeders from the established hives and stuck honey supers on all the hives except the Court House Swarm hive, which is still week. 

In this photo, my girls didn't know where to build their honey comb!

Also, while examining my some of my photos I found varroa mites on my bees!!!  I've never seen them on a bee before, and it was quite a surprise to spot them like this.  The mites are behind the heads of the upper right bee and the second from the bottom left.

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