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Monday, April 4, 2011

Killer Honey!

Tonight my daughter, Jessica, and I went to Joe Sippers for some java and daddy/daughter conversation when I received a phone call from Eleanor Balson, state bee inspector for this area, asking about the beekeepers meeting.  It turns out she had her weeks off and had driven to Effingham, so we invited her to Joe Sippers for some coffee before her long drive home.  Eleanor had recently returned from Brazil where she spent 7 weeks helping with their bee industry in the back-country.  She showed us some facinating photos, but most interesting to me was the fact that they raise and care for Africanized bees (i.e. "Killer Bees").  She told us how they have to use huge smokers to keep them somewhat under control, and when you work with them it seems like the entire hive empties out onto you!  She also brought some killer bee honey for Jess and I to sample....very good honey from the native flowers....and yes, I would describe it as "Killer Honey"!

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