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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Those Sugar Using Bees!

Today makes one week since installing the bees in their hives.  Since that time they have been using the sugar water feverously.  Sunday I gave them each a quart mason jar of 1:1 sugar water and by Monday evening they had used well over half.  Wednesday we went to the farm and had to fill them again.  Friday night we replaced the quart jars with half gallon jars and by Saturday they were close to half used!  I'm figuring that because Saturday was a misty, rainy day and the bees didn't leave the hive, they kept themselves busy just working the feeders.  I'm planning on filling the feeders today and checking the frames in the hive to see if they are capping any cells containing syrup.  I have no idea how fast they work in the hive, so I'll check them out.

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